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"The accumulation of knowledge is not understanding" *
Our guide reaches his goal when you feel impassioned with our region The guide purveys a link between visitors and our Heritage, shares the pleasure of discovery, and shows our Region in a new light.
*Alberto Manguel

Our Guides

All Creative Riviera guides hold a " Guide-Conférencier " licence, which is since 2015 the only professional qualification issued in France, that auhorizes guides to conduct tours to museums and historical monuments. This qualification now encompasses all the levels that existed before (from a one year course to a five year course). Since the amalgamation of our qualificatication, if you are looking for an in depth tour, we recommend you to choose a " Guide-Conférencier " with the appropriate training and experience.
We, at Creative Riviera, have undergone the training and studied further :
  • Master degree in Restoration and Renovation of the Nice-Liguria heritage
  • Certified guide-Conférencier of registered historical and artistic cities, licensed by the ministry of Culture.
  • Vocational training (Marseille Institute of Sacred Art, essential oils and mediterranean plants, Baroque architecture)
  • In addition,we have continued to improve further our expertise over twenty five years, to meet the varied demand from the public.